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Support Cosmic Kids on Patreon!

September 3, 2017 9:41 pm

Our Patreon is the best way of supporting Cosmic Kids directly.

We are starting to have amazing impact in the world – encouraging LOTS of kids to try yoga and mindfulness, and helping them to feel stronger, calmer and more confident. We are independent, have no investors – and we have LOTS we want to do.
Please support us if you can – it’ll help us keep doing what we’re doing AND some amazing new things – AND we’ll stay in touch with you and share some cool stuff to say thank you!
We share exclusive stuff with our patrons (and their kids!) here – including behind the scenes fun, early access to our videos, exclusive art and pics AND interaction with Jaime and the team.
So pick a tier and join in the fun – and help us to increase the impact and reach of our work!

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