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Robot Finger Family Nursery Rhymes Collection and Many More | Robot Song for Kids by HooplaKidz

May 5, 2017 4:40 pm

The coolest Robots in the Town are here!!! Watch them do the Robot Dance to the most loved Finger Family Songs Collection of Nursery Rhymes and More by HooplaKidz | SUBSCRIBE to HooplaKidz http://bit.ly/HooplaKidzSubscribe

Finger family Songs and Nursery Rhymes Collection consists of –

(00:00) Robot Finger Family

(02:03) The Bath Song

(04:11) Old Mac Donald (Remix)

(06:20) The Car Song

(09:04) Wheels of the bus (Adventures)

(12:10) Annie Ben and Mango Theme song

(13:28) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

(15:41) Animal Fair

(17:14) Bee Finger Family

(19:30) Fruits Finger Family

(21:20) Three little kittens

(24:11) Five little ducks

(26:33) If your happy and you know it new

(28:19) Bus Finger Family

(29:15) Humpty Dumpty

(30:31) Penguin Song

(32:02) Mary had a Little Lamb

(33:19) Bingo

(35:34) Ten in the bed

(37:26) Five Little monkeys (old)

(39:39) Yankee Doodle

(41:35) Rig a jig jig

(43:18) Months of the year

(46:25) Ice cream song

(47:56) My dog ben


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