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Rain Rain Go Away | HooplaKidz | Nursery Rhymes for Children | Best Kids Songs

August 24, 2016 1:23 pm

Rain Rain Go Away with Annie, Ben and Mango!!! Your Favorite Nursery Rhymes Collection by HooplaKidz!! Check out http://vid.io/xopB for New HooplaKidz Lullabies Songs Collection!

(00:07) Rain rain go away

(02:05) Twinkle twinkle little star (new)

(04:10) Wheels on the bus (green bus)

(06:23) Three little kittens

(08:57) Six little ducks

(10:18) Mary had a little lamb (new)

(11:35) Five little ducks (new)

(13:49) If you’re happy and you know it new (new)

(15:34) Humpty dumpty (new)

(16:50) Sounds of the animals

(20:15) The animal fair

(21:59) Simple simon

(24:10) Old macdonald had a farm

(27:08) Rig a jig

(20:51) Old king cole

(30:59) A sailor went to sea

(33:13) Baa baa black sheep

(34:10) Bingo song

(36:24) Five little monkeys (new)

(38:10) Five little speckled frogs

(40:53) A tisket a tasket

(42:53) 12345 once i caught a fish alive

(44:06) Itsy bitsy spider

(45:42) Jack and jill

(47:14) Kitty cat kitty cat

(48:58) Farmer in the dell

(51:00) I had a little turtle

(52:31) I’m a little teapot

(53:20) Mr.sun

(56:03) One potato two potato

(57:45) Pop goes the weasel

(59:26) Row row row your boat

(01:00:30) Ten in the bed

(01:02:22) Ten little indians

(01:03:19) The animals went in two by two

(01:08:18) The bear went over the mountain

(01:10:38) Tweedlededum and tweedledeee

(01:11:49) Wheels On The Bus(Yellow bus)

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