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Happy Little Penguins | Original Kids Songs Collection by HooplaKidz

August 16, 2016 4:41 pm

Meet the Happy Little Penguins who love to dance! Chubby, Tiny, Funny, Worried, Grumpy and Snoopy!!! Join the Hoopla Penguins and dance along in an original kids songs collection by HooplaKidz.
(00:07) The Happy Little Penguins Song
(01:21) Six little ducks
(02:54) Three little kittens
(05:45) Twinkle twinkle little star (new)
(07:56) If your’re happy and you know it (new)
(09:41) Mary had a little lamb (new)
(10:57) Five little monkeys (new)
(12:43) Five little ducks (new)
(14:57) CTA
(15:04) Humpty dumpty (new)
(16:20) Old macdonald had a farm
(19:18) The animal fair
(21:01) Wheels on the bus (green bus)
(23:14) Simple simon
(25:26) A sailor went to sea
(27:40) Wheels on the bus (red bus)
(29:55) The ABC Song
(30:50) 12345 once i caught a fish alive
(32:03) A tisket a tasket
(34:04) Bingo song
(36:19) Five little speckled frogs
(39:01) Itsy bitsy spider
(40:40) Old king cole
(42:47) Rig a jig jig
(44:30) Ten in the bed
(46:22) Ten little indians
(47:19) The animals went in two by two
(52:18) The bear went over the mountain
(54:38) Tweedledum tweedledee
(55:48) Where is thumbkin
(58:10) Yankee doodle went to town
(01:00:06) Rock a bye baby



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