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The Bath Song | Learn Body Parts For Babies | Nursery Rhymes Collection For Children

August 12, 2016 3:38 pm

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Here comes the latest Nursery Rhymes Collection with “The Bath Song” and Many More. For more great videos for children be sure to subscribe! http://bit.ly/1hsh63t.

0:07 The Bath Song
1:30 Brushing song
3:04 Are you sleeping part 2
4:31 Are you sleeping part 1
6:07 Diddle Diddle
7:51 Jack and Jill
9:40 Old Mac Donald
12:03 Johny Johny
13:51 Five little speckled frogs
15:51 Finger family
16:55 Cat finger family
18:28 Frog finger family
19:33 Monkey finger family
21:01 Dino finger family
22:45 Five little monkeys jumping on the bed
24:31 Five little babies cycling on the street
26:54 Happy birthday
28:35 Bingo
31:24 Three little kittens
33:03 Five little babies sitting on a wall
35:06 Five little ducks
37:37 Row your boat
40:01 Wheels on the bus
41:41 Robo
44:28 Frog finger family
45:34 Baa baa black sheep
47:00 Ten little buses
48:51 Wheels on the bus
50:39 Ten little monkeys
52:30 Five Little Babies Driving Car
54:24 Domestic Animal Finger Family
55:48 Ten Little Humpties
59:45 Cell Phone Finger Family
01:01:17 Baa Baa Black Sheep
01:02:42 Itsy Bitsy Spider
01:04:46 Hush Little Baby
01:07:31 Old Macdonald Part 2
01:09:46 Johny Johny
01:11:53 Animal Finger Family
01:13:23 Johny Johny Part 2
01:15:19 Five Little Monkeys
01:17:15 Old Macdonald
01:18:39 Animal sound
01:21:00 Five Little Babies Bathing In a Tub
01:23:15 Five Little Babies Playing With Toys
01:25:08 Five Little Babies Opening The Eggs
01:27:12 Five Little Babies Playing With Balls
01:29:13 Five Little Babies Blowing Balloon
01:31:02 Five Little Babies Tasting Ice Cream
01:33:08 Five Little Babies Skating On Ice
01:34:57 Five Little Babies Driving Car
01:36:58 Five Little Babies Jumping On The Bed
01:39:07 Five Little Babies Sitting on The Wall
01:41:08 Five Little Babies Skiing On Snow
01:42:56 Five Little Babies Cycling On The Road
01:45:17 Ten Green Bottles
01:47:47 Happy Birthday

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