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How To Learn English Well? Merry English On DVD 1

August 12, 2016 3:46 pm


These two fun exercise books are thought to present, revise and consolidate the language taught in the first five years of learning english as a foreign language.

☞ Topics included:
-Part 1
-Chapter 1: My room
-Chapter 2: My family
-Chapter 3: Food
-Story Time 1: I’m hungry!
-Chapter 4: My body
-Song: The Animal song
-Chapter 5 Pets
-Chapter 6 My holidays
-Story Time 2: The Gingerbread Man
-Part 2
-Chapter 1: Fun
-Chapter 2: Clothes
-Chapter 3: The house
-Story Time 1: What a mess!
-Chapter 4: Good food
-Song: The Animal song
-Chapter 5 Animals
-Chapter 6 The weather
-Story Time 2: A funny joke
-Part 3
-Chapter 1: Off to school
-Chapter 2: Off to the park
-Chapter 3: Rocky’s family
-Story Time 1: Who’s Tom?
-Chapter 4: Dressing up
-Chapter 5: A yummy sandwich
-Song: The yummy food song
-Chapter 6 At the safari park
-Story Time 2: The magic stone
-Chapter 7: A beautiful day!
-Chapter 8: A surprise
-Strory time 3: Two friends

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