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Five Little Babies Opening Giant Eggs | Zool Babies Fun Songs | Five Little Babies Collection

August 12, 2016 3:38 pm

Here comes the popular nursery rhyme collection “Five Little Babies Opening Giant Eggs “and more. For more great videos for children be sure to subscribe! http://bit.ly/1hsh63t.To watch all our popular nursery rhymes click on the playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?

00:06 Five Little Babies Opening Giant Eggs
02:11 Five Little Babies Taking Selfies
04:14 Five Little Babies Blowing Bubbles
06:20 Five Little Babies Riding Scooters
08:15 Five Little Babies Bathing in a Tub
10:29 Five Little Babies Opening The Eggs
12:32 Five Little Babies Playing With Toys
14:24 Five Little Babies Playing With Balls
16:26 Five Little Babies Blowing Balloon
18:14 Five Little Babies Tasting Ice Cream
20:21 Five Little Babies Skating On Ice
22:09 Five Little Babies Driving Car
24:11 Five Little Babies Jumping On The Bed
26:20 Five Little Babies Sitting on The Wall
28:20 Five Little Babies Skiing On Snow
30:08 Five Little Babies Cycling On The Road
32:29 Funny Little Babies Wearing Mustache
34:03 Ten Green Bottles
36:32 Happy Birthday
38:32 Five Little Babies Tasting Ice Cream

Enjoy Five little babies series :
Five little babies blowing balloons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmOC_…
Five little babies opening the eggs
Five little babies eating icecream
Five little babies sitting on a wall
Five little babies cycling on street
Five little babies driving a car

Videogyan’s Kids Nursery Rhymes make kids sing and dance to the foot-tapping awesome music and engaging animations. This combination of great music and colorful visuals lets even parents have fun along with their children.

Videogyan also produces popular nursery rhymes for children in a unique and funny way like
Johny Johny Yes Papa http://bit.ly/1STybRP
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Happy Birthday To You http://bit.ly/22NFose
Twinkle twinkle little star http://bit.ly/1SZdKmY
Old Macdonald had a farm http://bit.ly/1NldpP5
Finger family collection http://bit.ly/1YGSwON
Hush Little Baby http://bit.ly/1Svfaex
Are you sleeping brother john http://bit.ly/26eXh7Q
Five little piggies http://bit.ly/1QmPxoK

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