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✿‿✿ NEW: Unboxing toy review – Project Mc²™ Adrienne Attoms™

August 12, 2016 4:02 pm

Project Mc²™ Doll with Experiment – Adrienne’s Perfume
Now you can perform an all-new experiment at home with Adrienne Attoms™, Project Mc2’s resident culinary chemist. Make your own perfume using just household ingredients like rose petals, rosewater or tap water, and vanilla.
Break up the rose petals, and you release essential oils containing natural fragrance. Those oils are the essence of a plant’s scent, and that’s what makes it “essential!” When you mix the crushed rose petals and rosewater together, you infuse and enhance the rosewater with the characteristics of the flower, giving your perfume an extra rosy scent. And that’s pretty essential for a beautifully fragrant perfume!
Extra fun doll details: The articulated Adrienne doll is dressed in her undercover spy outfit that reflects her individual style. Her gloved hands make sure she leaves no fingerprints behind. Accessories include chic sunglasses, spy disguise glasses, purse and beaker-shaped comb.
Age: 6+

Project Mc²™ Doll- Adrienne Attoms™
Meet Adrienne Attoms™! People say girls are made from a pinch of sugar and spice, but she has a more complex recipe.  Following in her abuela’s footsteps, she is a culinary chemist — science is so delicioso. Adrienne is the ultimate girlie girl, so bring on the frills and pastels! Her top knot bun untwists to reveal her fabulously long hair. Age: 6+,

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